Buying a property that you can call Home is everyone’s dream. As many of you know, we have been
hosting our children and single mothers in a rented house for years now. At this time the children
host in our facility are 15 and they are growing fast. Space is really little. Now, with your help, we
would like to buy first a piece of land and later build our new Family Home. Prices, for a small
Foundation like ours, are very high. Every day we look for the “right place”, but we assure you that it
is not easy. We would like to find a place not far from school and primary services (supermarket,
hospitals etc…). This project is to be divided into two.
1) Find and buy 1 Rai of Land (1,600 sq m) cost about 4 million baht (120 thousand euros, 132
thousand U.S. dollars and 192 thousand Australian dollars).
2) Construction of the Take Care Kids Thailand Foundation Family Home. Area 500 sq m cost of 5
million Baht (150 thousand euros, 164,000 U.S. dollars and 242,000 Australian dollars)
Of course, the new Family Home will be equipped with all the security systems approved by the
Ministry of Social Policy.
Those who know us, know very well that we are a small, but very well structured and organized NGO
that for years has been fighting to help children and single mothers in obvious state of difficulty both
phisically and psychological. Now we would like to achieve the dream of having our own house to
help even more. To give hope to those who have never had a real life before. We trust all of you, as
always, to make a real difference together.
Below are a couple of drawings of how we would like our new Foster Home.