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The project is aimed towards children

(in some cases including single mothers), who have experienced severe abuse (sexual, psychological etc.), torture and/or have been victim of human trafficking .Many children are referred to us by local authorities, police or other Foundations and sometimes mothers are admitted with children if they need a safe shelter.

Once they enter our house, Take Care Kids (TCK) provides basic services to our guests. Children must be enabled to be children again.

And that is why Take Care Kids puts a lot of importance in school education, providing opportunities to play and in living and sharing daily life like a family as a method of learning and education

The single moms who enter the house are normally there for a short period of time (it is evaluated case by case) to recover their mental and phisical strenght and are ready to return into society in better phisical and psycological condition.

Providing support to

Single Mothers outside
the Foster Home

TCK supports mothers with their children after they leave the Foster Home (FH) , but still live in Pattaya, as well as others in the closer neighborhood of the FH who live in desperate conditions and have to take care of young children.

Many are single mothers (some as young as 16 years) abandoned by the father of the children. As they are very poor they are vulnerable and without any help may end up as sex workers (especially in Pattaya), joining criminal gangs etc….

Normally they cannot afford to enroll the children in the pubblic school, or the children have to help them earn money (for exampling collecting waste). TCK helps to enroll the children into public schools and looks for work for mothers who do not have a job and helps solving other problems, too.
Supporting children and single mothers

In Slums and
Construction Site Camps

TCK staff visits single mothers with very young children in construction site camps

(mainly Cambodian and Burmese migrant workers) or slums (mainly Thais) at least once a month providing some essential food items, clothes, etc. In case of emergency (illnesses, abuse of any kind, etc.)

TCK is ready to respond 24/7 and if serious problems such as abuse, mistreatment, etc. are discovered, reports them to relevant authorities.

Take Care Kids

Cooperates with public hospitals

whenever suction machines and oxygen tanks are needed by children with disabilities.

Take Care kids stands by their families after discharge to support a prompt recovery; furthermore diapers and milk are granted on demand. 

How can you help us?

Children, and sometimes single mothers,
who enter our house have not had a decent life or have only bad memories.

Every day we try to help them rebuild their life as human beings and to do that we need your help. Anything, even the smallest support, which for you might seem insignificant, can make the difference.

You can ask us how you can help by sending and E-mail to
or following us on the website and on Facebook, looking for Take Care Kids Onlus.